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DIY aromatherapy ideas straight from the studio!

With all that this planet has been through lately, it seemed to us that many of us are seriously immuno-compromised. It was nature’s way of telling us how powerful she is, and how vain we are to believe that our health is better managed by pharmaceutical labs.

In light of the current scenario, we thought we would begin curating and publishing traditional cures from all over. Almost all of them are still popular today somewhere, and the Ayurvedic cures are still an integral part of the Indian medical lore.

We have tried to keep them simple, so you could have a go in bringing in some natural products in your daily lives. Do try to get essential oils from trusted sources, and do not go for cheap, if you are looking forward to the intended result.

We care about health. And we want you to begin strengthening yours. So while the remedies here are not on the Shop page as a product, we will make them for you and ship if you face a challenge finding trustworthy sources for essential oils and other ingredients.