Lavender ingredient

LAVENDER essential oil– Lavandula Officianalis

Lavender’s healing power is extremely diverse, partly due to its complex composition of at least 160 important compounds, and still counting. It has a long history in Persia, Greece and Rome where it was extensively to disinfect hospitals and sick rooms. You see, the botanical name Lavandula comes from the latin word ‘Lavare’ meaning to wash.
The fragrance of Lavender is like fresh, mountain air that is happy and free; allowing you a feeling of freedom so great that you just let go of all compulsions and dissatisfaction. In its presence, you don’t want to have negative conversation with yourself. No guilt, no self-criticism, no negative self-talk. Thought becomes clearer and decisions balanced.
This essential oil helps reduce or improve thoughts during bedtime that usually keep people from falling asleep. It is also known to be helpful with mood swings, and with people with intense or volatile emotions.
This is the reason Aromatherapy uses this precious gift of nature for treating psychological problems like nervousness, insomnia, stress, depression, melancholy, fear and irritability. Lavender helps stimulate and regenerate the nervous system and helps bring about a feeling of calm.
This essential oil is a good first aid for burns. For bee and wasp stings is a treatment of choice. It is effective not simply against the sting, but also helps calm down. It may also be beneficial for treated wounds, eczema, boils, dermatitis, fever blisters, herpes, open leg ulcers, rheumatic pain, muscular pain, lumbago and neuritis. Lavender may also be helpful in treating headaches, especially sinus headaches. Used like balm oil, it can be rubbed on the forehead, or added to a base oil for a neck massage.
Lavender oil stimulates white blood cell formation and thereby strengthens the body’s defences, and functions as a good anti-septic for bronchial tubes. That’s why it has been a popular preventive as well as a beneficial remedy for colds, influenza and bronchitis.
Lavender stimulates gastric juices, particularly in the stomach and gall bladder. It is also useful for treating blood pressure and palpitations.
As a cosmetic, the oil has been praised for its mild balancing, stimulating effect on the skin. While every skin type benefits from Lavender essential oil, it is particularly good for dry skin. It is a preferred treatment for acne. Since this essential oil stimulates the lymph system, it encourages the development of new skin tissue – making it a good skin rejuvenating oil.