Neroli – Citrus Aurantium
Orange blossom oil – commonly called Neroli essential oil in the realm of Aromatherapy was introduced to us by Anna Marie de la Tremoille, Princess of Nerole. She loved this fragrance so much, she introduced it into everything possible, stationery, scarves, gloves and whatever could be perfumed, and it is in her honour that we call orange blossom oil – Neroli.
One of the most expensive oils, Neroli has powerful psychological effects. For me, this is the first essential oil that comes to mind when I think of anti-depressants. Neroli is also a natural tranquilizer, and is used to treat anxiety, depression, and shock. It helps with longstanding psychological tension, exhaustion, and hopelessness.
Think of Neroli as sunshine on a grey cloudy day.
We use Neroli in our skincare formulations for its regenerative properties. It is good for all skin types, and especially for inflamed, sensitive skin and for mature skin.
We also use Neroli for it’s calming, relaxing, strengthening and stabilizing effects – as a protective shield for fear, anxiety, depression, shock, insomnia and anger management.
For the physical body, Neroli has been known to help with reducing cramps and strengthening the heart.
We use Neroli essential oil in the following products:
Joy, Velvet, Neroli moisturizer spray, Neroli & Rose micellar water.